I am a cartoon illustrator, living and working in Cape Town, South Africa.

I draw and illustrate cartoons for all types of media, from comic strips, corporate and commercial cartoons to children's book.
I am also the co-creator of the syndicated comic strips Mama Taxi, Treknet, Koos, Ripples and Brak, which are published in various newspapers and magazines throughout South Africa, Namibia and the USA.
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17 Jan 2020


GT Gratitude Thursday. 

Once upon a time, (as all good stories begin) many years ago in a land far far away, (England) When there were Pantone books, style guides and airbrushes, I had the most amazing opportunity to work in a licensing studio who did work for Disney. (amongst others)
Working with some of the worlds most talented artists, I had to pinch myself sometimes to see if it was real. 
I learned so much from those around me and remain friends with most of them still today. 
But if it wasn’t for one Chrissie Boehm who took a chance on a very poor portfolio of work and gave me a chance, I would have been back on the rainy streets of London, portfolio under arm. 
It was a turning point in life, which has lead all the way up to where I am now. 
So thank you Chrissie, for seeing me that rainy grey day in Putney, when Maria (who would have most likely shown me the door) was busy. I’ve never forgotten the opportunity you gave me.  🙏👍

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