I am a cartoon illustrator, living and working in Cape Town, South Africa.

I draw and illustrate cartoons for all types of media, from corporate and commercial cartoons to children's book.
I am also the co-creator of the syndicated comic strips Mama Taxi and Treknet, which are published in newspapers and magazines in South Africa and Namibia.
You can following me on Facebook at Gavin Thomson Cartoons and Illustrations (or click on the picture below) and on Instagram at Gavin Thomson Cartoonist.

20 Jan 2017

Happy belated New Year and some wise words from my new desk calendar. If I could only stick to this.

My Starry Nights over False Bay Exhibition at the end of last year was an overwhelming success. Thank you to everyone who come to the opening night or popped in during the following week. Now it's back to the drawing board, as it were.

All the very best for 2017!  g

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