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I am also the co-creator of the comic strips Treknet, Koos, Mama Taxi, Ripples and Brak, which have been published in various newspapers and magazines throughout South Africa, Namibia and the USA.
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18 Feb 2009

illegal posters

Cape Town comes unstuck
Extract from article by Toyah Lord

NIGHTCLUBS in Cape Town are in for a rude awakening: the City of Cape Town will soon serve notices on club owners who paste posters on private properties in the city centre without consent.
The Central City Improvement District (CCID) – which says the problem has been going on for years – says it is being inundated with complaints from property owners in Cape Town, who say they “have had enough” of clubs and bars sticking illegal posters on buildings.
The result, says Tasso Evangelinos, CCID chief executive officer, is that cleaning teams have to go out and scrape the posters off the buildings, thus causing damage to their exteriors. This in labour alone costs the CCID between R2 500 and R3 000 a month to deploy people on the streets every second or third day to remove posters throughout the city centre, adds Evangelinos.

Derek Bock of Eurocape says many of the property development company’s buildings have long suffered the sticky problem. “We find it totally unacceptable and a disgrace that clubs and bars paste illegal posters on private property,” he says. “Will these clubs and bars now pay for the costs incurred by Eurocape to repeatedly remove these illegal posters?”

10 Feb 2009

To let

"The City of Cape Town’s major programme to install and upgrade services in informal settlements is being destroyed by crime and vandalism. For every R3 that we spend on basic services in our 222 informal settlements, R2 is spent on repairs to vandalised and stolen infrastructure. Without this problem, we could deliver services at three times the speed we currently do.

Thieves and vandals have struck a large number of upgrade projects and have robbed local residents of water and sanitation.
Extract from a statement by Helen Zille, Executive Mayor of Cape Town

"Vandalism and theft of service infrastructure in informal settlements"

9 Feb 2009


" Always turn off electrical equipment before doing repairs or checks" Engen Pump Pages