I am a cartoon illustrator, living and working in Cape Town, South Africa.

I draw and illustrate cartoons for all types of media, from comic strips, corporate and commercial cartoons to children's books.
I am also the co-creator of the comic strips Treknet, Koos, Mama Taxi, Ripples and Brak, which have been published in various newspapers and magazines throughout South Africa, Namibia and the USA.
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Thank you for your support. Gavin

28 Nov 2016

We had an awesome opening night at my Starry Nights over False Bay. Thank you to everyone who turned out and to those who bought my artwork. You are all Awesome! 
I will be working from the gallery today and the rest of this week from 9am to 1pm, so please pop in and say hi if you are in the area. The Arthaus is 3 Belmont Street, just off the main road Kalk Bay, opposite the Brass Bell subway. Hope to see you. 

24 Nov 2016

Apologies for the lack of updates this month, I've been pretty busy putting the finishing touches to my Starry Night over False Bay exhibition this weekend. Here are a few 'work in progress' pics in the meantime. If you are in Cape Town this weekend, pop down to the Arthaus, Kalk Bay on Saturday at 6pm for the opening.

Conditions Clear....or are they?

Working in the garden putting the finishing touches to Brak's Postal Strike

Adding detail to a Starry Sky

A Starry Sky mosaic.

One of the 're purposed' painting in the exhibition.

Koos takes a selfie in Van Gogh's Wheat field with crows. 

Photographing the photographer photographing my painting for canvas prints 

9 Nov 2016

Penguin selfie. Work in progress. #penguins #cartoon #bouldersbeach#simonstown #capetown

An awesome afternoon hanging out in the Magic 828am studio checking out the behind the scenes and talking comics with Brian Oxley and the afternoon drive team. #awesome #magic828am #mamataxi #cartoons

3 Nov 2016

What's the use in complaining, wonders Frikkie, in the week's strip in the Motoring Times. 

#Frikkie #traffic #cop #mamataxi #comic #comicstrip #complaining

25 Oct 2016

Starry Night over the Rhone, or False Bay. Part of my exhibition in November at The Arthaus. #starrynightsoverfalsebay #treknet #thearthaus#cartoon #exhibition #lekker

A Roy Lichtenstein inspired painting (in progress). Part of my Starry Nights over False Bay exhibition at The Arthaus, Kalk Bay on the 26th November to the 5th December. #roylichtenstein #whaam #treknet #brak #exhibition#thearthaus #kalkbay #starrynight #falsebay #painting

21 Oct 2016

How you can be part of the movement of renewable energy. #treknet #koos #renewableenergy #lekker

I enjoyed drawing this Treknet one. It's has a bright cheery feel, on a much needed rainy day. #rainmustfall

20 Oct 2016

Frikkie! He don't like cricket....oh no! Every Thursday in the Drive Times.

Comic invasion! Look out Denmark!
One of our comic strips,Treknet will now be entertaining readers every Wednesday in the Danish family magazine 'Ude Og Hjemme' #Awesome #Denmark #Treknet

16 Sept 2016

A sketch I did for the St. Mary's library project at the Open Book Comics Fest last weekend. 
I think I might do this as my next painting. #brak #spacedog #openbookfestival #stmaryslibraryproject #lekker

14 Sept 2016

What a journey! 10 years sped by like a.....well, like a taxi : ) 
Special thanks to Deni, for keeping the humour tank topped up, the newspapers and editors who have supported us over the years, and last but not least, all our friends and fans who have supported us with encouragement. Thank you : )

12 Sept 2016

A timeline picture for the Treknet Facebook page and website. Brak has been contemplating space recently in the strip, dog being pioneers of space travel after all. You didn't ever hear of them sending cats to space, did you? Dogs rule! (space too). #brak #spacedog

9 Sept 2016

Flash back Friday. Open Book Comic Festive 3 years ago. Pictured here with Deni Brown (Mama Taxi) and Rico (Madam & Eve) Lekker!
It's happening again this Saturday and Sunday, (10-11th September, entry free) at the Homecoming Center (next to the Fugard Theatre),Cape Town.

If you or your children are at all interested in comics, do not miss the Open Book Comics Fest & Marketplace in Cape Town this weekend. Packed with all things comics and their creators. Lots to see and the opportunity to buy some great stuff.
I will be there. Come and say hi.

1 Sept 2016

I've been enjoying the mosaic cartoon process, while a lot slower than pencil and paper,it's quite therapeutic watching the image slowly appear. #treknet #cartoon #mosaic

12 Aug 2016

Brak poses for the latest cover of the Rolling Bones magazine. Former member of Muttley Chew, he has also played drums for Bone Jovi, Linkin Bark, Nine Inch Tails and The Butthole Sniffers.
 ‪#‎brak‬ ‪#‎treknet‬ ‪#‎cartoon‬ ‪#‎rollingstone‬ ‪#‎drummer‬ ‪#‎lekker‬

4 Aug 2016

This is my first venture into mosaicing. Following on with my theme of van Gogh's starry sky combined with the characters from the Treknet comic strip. It's a lot more time consuming than cartooning, but I've enjoyed the process of watching and waiting as it takes shape. Just need to add grout and it will be finished. 

#treknet #vangogh #starrysky #starrynight #mosaic #art #brak #lekker  

2 Aug 2016

Chasing monsters. Frikkie appears every Thursday in the Motoring section of the Independent Newspaper group. Bliksem!

29 Jul 2016

A peak inside my studio space taken a little while ago. 
It's not usually this tidy. I must have been between jobs, or expecting a visitor.
I say that cleaning my office is a way for me to clear my head and prepare for a new job, but I also suspect it could just be another form of procrastination, who knows?

6 May 2016

Whoa! I have seriously been neglecting this page. My apologies. I am in the process of having a new website developed, but in the meantime, for more regular updates, please check out and 'like' my Facebook page, Gavin Thomson Cartoons and Illustrations. Also The Official Treknet Fan Page and Mama Taxi for more of my cartoons. g