I am a cartoon illustrator, living and working in Cape Town, South Africa.

I draw and illustrate cartoons for all types of media, from comic strips, corporate and commercial cartoons to children's books.
I am also the co-creator of the comic strips Treknet, Koos, Mama Taxi, Ripples and Brak, which have been published in various newspapers and magazines throughout South Africa, Namibia and the USA.
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30 May 2014

With winter approaching as summer withdraws, Brak's got the ticket to let him slept indoors....
As seen in The Big Issue Cape Town.

29 May 2014

Today's People's Post cartoon.

Winter is finally making it's way to Cape Town. I actually did think I saw the famous Edvard Munch image in a weather map once. 

24 May 2014

Mama Taxi tries out the Boomslang at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden.

23 May 2014

Looking for something small, affordable, economical and maintenance free in silver?
From The Saturday Star and The Big Issue magazine.

22 May 2014

Repurposing old artwork. 

Found this old (unfinished, by the look of it) seascape canvas in the back of a secondhand shop and decided to have some fun with it....Treknet style. (work in progress)

Not everyone is happy about the announcement of One Direction coming to Cape Town next year.

Ticket prices will start at R350 and go up to R 2100 for  "hot ticket".

Today's People's Post cartoon.

15 May 2014

This weeks editorial cartoon for the People's Post and now the City Vision.

The DA (still largely considered by many as a 'white' party) again, obtained an outright majority in the Western Cape and City of Cape Town in last week's general elections. 

7 May 2014

Voting day in South Africa today and John is casting his for the first time. 
Today's Treknet strip.

5 May 2014

Ripples written by Dave Gomersall and illustrated by myself for Dockwalk magazine in the USA.

2 May 2014

Eeny, meeny, miney, mo

With only 5 days to go to the National and Provincial Elections on the 7th May, many voters are still undecided. This weeks People's Post cartoon.